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Star magazine says that “to put it mildly, Afro-Fusion Burn is a lot tougher than regular Zumba®.” Intrigued? Intimidated? Both? Then join us for the first Afro-Fusion Burn Clinic of 2016! This clinic will be equally beneficial to the Afro-Fusion Burn regular and the newbie. To fully enjoy the weekly classes and to get the highest calorie burn, knowledge and understanding of choreography is key. The clinic will provide you with just that! You’ll learn two new pieces of choreography with plenty of breakdown and Q&A. And if you’ve been intimidated to sign up for Afro-Fusion Burn here’s your chance to sample it at a slower pace. 

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Fitness Island Camp – GUADELOUPE EDITION!

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Trace TV, Z Club NY, and Guadeloupe Islands present Fitness Island Camp – GUADELOUPE EDITION!

Discover the beauty of Guadeloupe while dancing and embracing the beautiful surroundings.Join us for 5 days on an adventure that will engage all of your senses. We are honored to invite you on the second Zumba® retreat in Guadeloupe!

Ready to sign up? CLICK HERE

Need to read more? See all the amazing details below! 

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Instructor Spotlight: Xavier Marzan

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Xavier Marzan has been with the Z Club NY family since the very beginning, and we love that he is still lending his passion and talent through his classes every single week! He loves what he does, and he loves that he gets to interact with people from all walks of life. He finds peace and inspiration through teaching. Here, he shares more about his journey and personal sources of inspiration…. —  by Yali Szulanski for Z Club NY.

FITNESS ISLAND CAMP in St. Martin with Z Club NY!

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Z Club NY and Trace TV are proud to offer you the first edition of Fitness Island Camp from Thursday October 1th to Monday October 5th,2015.  Embark on a 5 days adventure with some of the best Zumba instructors in the world, for an exhilarating journey where dance, music, sun, discovery, exquisite food and unbelievable moments will all come together in one place: St Martin!

Instructor Spotlight: Anna Baldwin

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Anna Baldwin, one of our newest smiling additions to the Z Club NY family says that dancing was born into her soul – she was always surrounded by a vibrant culture of music, dance, and passion. She has shared her talents internationally, while honing and cultivating her style throughout her career. Her students describe her as radiant, energetic, passionate, and encouraging.  She says that when Zumba® “found her,” it brought her love and passion together in one class. Here, she shares more about her journey and personal sources of inspiration…. —  by Yali Szulanski for Z Club NY.

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Fall In Love Again – All Instructor Master Class Feb. 15!

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 Four years have passed since we found each other, when we first opened our doors to bring you the best Zumba® Classes in the city. So much has changed since then, but our love for dance, our passion for the music still shines in the same way. Our Z Club NY Team loves to give you the best of the best – so come and dance with ALL OF THEM!  Fall in love again with your favorite instructors and maybe find a new true love! Let’s share the love for Zumba® together on Valentine’s weekend with this sizzling master class!

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Zumba Beach Bum Retreat – HAITI

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An all inclusive 4 nights 5 days (airfare included) at the breath taking beach in Club Indigo, Haiti. Join us in a majestic surrounding for an extended weekend filled with the most fun you will ever have. We want to get you prepped for 2015, this is our pre- New Year’s resolution. Or should we say damage control before the holiday season?

You will have three amazing hosts for those 5 days: Irena Meletiou, Diego Chauca, and Edmee Cherdieu. They have designed an intense yet fun and invigorating class schedule with various fitness activities. You will have 12 classes to chose from, but don’t worry this is a Zumba Beach Bum retreat, so no one will force you to get up and dance if you decide to cultivate the beach bum part… lol.

  • Zumba
  • Aqua Zumba (in the ocean!)
  • Zumba Step (the latest Zumba speciality program)
  • Abs and Core
  • Early Morning Water Workout
  • Zumba DanceHall Flavor
  • Zumba Cumbia Flavor
  • Stretching

All classes will take place outside. Also, for the more active participants, we will offer early morning workouts – really invigorating especially after a night of dancing. Join us for 5 days of fun physical activities while enjoying the sea, getting your winter glow, and of course getting into top shape. Every day will be filled with two to three classes. All classes will be 60 minutes long! We intend to work hard and party hard at the same time. On Saturday night we will relax on the sand while enjoying a fresh refined dinner (lobster, oysters, grilled fish, stew chicken, fresh vegetables, assortment of desserts, and many more choices served with wine) while listening to one of the best upcoming bands of Haiti “AKOUSTICK“. Just Paradise!

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